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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sugar Land Gators Trounce Houston Lutheran 73-14

Sixty-years ago Kenneth Hall scored 49 points in a resounding victory over Lutheran High School.  I understand from eye-witnesses that he was never tackled and played just a little over a quarter of the game.

The image of the newspaper account isn't good, but you'll see that he's rapidly advancing on Dick Todd's state scoring record.  He's just 80 points away with several games to go in the season.  College scouts are already flocking to Kempner Field to see him play.  More about that soon.
If you listened to the recording I posted last week, the public spotlight was focused on Todd's scoring record rather than accumulated yards rushing for a season or a career.  Interest in those records came later.

Here is a very short audio recording about the '53 Lutheran game.  The speaker is Bill Arnett (SLHS '54), who says the fact that it was a rout and the starters were pulled early enabled him to win his letter.