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Friday, August 12, 2011

Laura Eldridge Hospital

Facebook has a group called "You Know You're From Sugar Land If ..." There's been quite a lot of discussion about several topics, but one is the original Laura Eldridge Hospital which opened in 1923 and was located at the northeast corner of Wood & Lakeview Streets. You're a certified Sugar Lander if you were born in that hospital. (I wasn't.)

I've heard Betty Jenkins tell a story about a newcomer who claimed old Sugar Land didn't have a hospital. She replied, "IT DID have a hospital. I know because I worked in it." The first 3 photos below show the original hospital. The last photo shows the 'new' Laura Eldridge Hospital which opened its doors in 1957 at the intersection of Eldridge Road & Lakeview (the northeast corner). It is now a recreational annex for The First United Methodist Church.


  1. I will always be a certified Sugar Lander as I was born at the Laura Eldridge hospital. Cherryl

  2. I was born here and always wanted a picture. Thank You!

  3. I was born in the old hospital in 1952. Just got home from a special trip to Sugar Land and area to see where I came from. The pictures are wonderful. Drove down Lakeview to Wood. Felt like I was on a treasure hunt!


  4. I was born in the old hospital in 1955. Dr. Carlos Slaughter attending...

    1. I am an African-American and was born at the hospital in 1951 and Dr. Carlos Slaughter delivered me as well as my younger siblings (at that time). I am doing research on the hospital as well as the staff, including Dr. Slaughter. If you know more about the history of the hospital and Sugar Land during the 1950's email me- robertrandle51@yahoo.com