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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sid Lasher Comes To Town

(Update) I've enlarged the photos & put them in this photo album for those viewers who want to read the captions.

Some of you may remember Sid Lasher, the popular weatherman on KHOU in the 1960s. In the summer of 1964 he and his family moved to Sugar Land. This was big news back in those days, so The Fort Bend Mirror used it to promote local businesses. Here are the photos printed in the July 30th edition of the paper.

The captions explain the pictures, so no need for me to explain anything. However, I want to say three things. First, notice W. T. Allen in the Sugar Land Motors pictures. I think the look on his face says, "What a waste of time .... I'll never sell this high-roller a used Chevrolet." Second is the photo of Sid at Preston's check-out counter. Looks to me like he suspects Preston's inventory may be a little stale, and there could be some mouse droppings in that box of cereal.

I also noticed Sid is holding a cigarette in a couple of pictures. I wonder if that's why Mr. Womack brought up the issue of cancer insurance when they met.


  1. I can remember Sid Lasher uttering this phrase many times in reference to a sponsor: "Drive with care and buy Sinclair...Dino Supreme gasoline."

  2. I remember Sid quite well. He was one of a kind.

  3. he used to have the trumpet play when he announce the high temperature for the state. typically it was presidio texas. he and ron stone used to kid each other. pretty sad night on the air when he died.

  4. After watching Channel 11's 60th Anniversary broadcast tonight, I was disappointed that I did not hear the name Sid Lasher. He was a favorite of ours beyond the nightly weathercast. He came to one of our son's Boy Scout Troop's annual Blue and Gold banquet at Gulfgate. Ron Stone was the guest speaker the following year. Both men should be commended for reaching out to youth in such a way.