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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

1938 Sugar Land Gators

I'd forgotten that 2013 marks the 75th anniversary of Sugar Land High School's first district championship team.  I don't have a lot of information on them, but I thought I'd post a few things through the fall.  

Nearly all of the memorabilia I have comes from the H. L. Jenkins family.  H. L. 'Chuzzy' Jenkins was the team's star quarterback.  He eventually became head coach of his alma mater during the golden era of Gator football in the early 1950s.  You've seen his name in the clippings I've posted on the '53 football season.  (Dulles alums in my era remember him as our high school principal.)

Here are some pictures of him 'practicing' on the school playground, now part of Lakeview Elementary.


I have selected a couple of newspaper accounts of their games.  I'll post more in the future.  Notice Dulles played Ganado 25 years later - see the blog entry above.  (Shelton mentioned in the articles is Herb Shelton, the team's fullback - some of you may remember him.)

This photo of the starting line up shows them on the school grounds.