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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Program: Sugar Land Gators vs. Rosenberg Brahmas, 1940

This is a real treasure to me for several reasons. First, it's the earliest program we have from a Gator football game. Many, many thanks to the Krehmeier family for giving us this scan. Second, my father and several of his friends and classmates are listed in the roster. They were juniors in the '40 season. You'll see Bill Krehmeier, Wayburn Hall, and William 'Sweat Pea' Gandy.

Photos of the old Shopping Center in January, 1952

These photos come from a defunct newspaper called The Fort Bend Reporter. It devoted its inaugural edition to the opening of the Sugar Land Shopping Center in January, 1952. The first photo shows the drug store in its original configuration. (It was remodeled several times over the years.) The soda fountain is in the back and to the right. The camera is angled toward the east wall where the prescription drug counter was. Off to the right (out of view) were the cosmetics counter, office supplies, magazines and comic books!

This second photo shows the front wall of the dry goods store. The entrance to the super market was just outside the front door on the left. I think there was a second front door into the dry goods store on the right - just outside the camera's view.

SLHS Band, 1946

The first picture shows the SLHS Marching band in late 1946. (My mother is the twirler on the left.) The photo was taken at what became Kempner Field facing the east stands. Notice how small they are. I think the larger wooden stands were built for the 1947 football season. The second photo shows Jean McCord Babineaux and Jean Watson (both Class of '48) posing in front of the band bus in their uniforms.

(Update) I received a note from Marjorie Hauerland Polasek ('49) who said if you look real hard you'll see her holding the Texas flag in the picture!

Sugar Land Area Rock Bands

Here are some photos of Sugar Land's Rock 'n Roll History. The first photo comes from Dulles High School's '66 yearbook. I think those guys are playing at the opening of a store in Stafford or Missouri City. Maybe Tommy can tell us.

This next photo shows The Columns in action. You have Ralph Barnidge on bass, Tony Foster on lead guitar, Robert Allen on vocals and rhythm guitar, James Nichols on drums, and Steve Lamb on the keyboard. For some reason, I think they are playing at a party at the Miners' house.

The next photo is post-high school. These guys were in Austin. Of course, I recognize Carlyle and Clarence Holland and Tommy Laird, all Dulles grads. I don't know the other guy.

Odds & Ends

I'm sure many people had a Foley's charge card, especially after Sharpstown Center opened in 1962. I found my grandfather's card in a box of family artifacts.

I hope other people remember Golden Age drinks. I think they must have made almost a dozen flavors, each in a different colored can. (Root beer was brown.)

You may recall Sugar Land's 7/11 was well stocked. They were in the refrigerated cabinet behind Preston's checkout island. (The photo of Sid Lasher in the 7/11 may show some cans of Golden Age drink if I could enlarge it with any clarity.)

Photos from Missouri City Elementary, early 1960s

The first picture shows Mr. Abercrombie leading a PTA meeting. They appear to be in the old Missouri City Gym. The second picture shows a 'duck & cover' drill in the hallway at old Missouri City Elementary. I don't have an exact date, but it must be from the early '60s.

Sugar Land Volunteer Fire Department, mid-1940s

I don't have an exact date on this picture, but I think it must date from right after WWII. I can identify Albert Grohman, Don Williams, and the Borowski brothers, but no one else.

Sugar Land Junior High 6th Grade Band, 1961-62

White socks were obviously the 'in-thing' that year.