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Saturday, May 29, 2010

1963 Semi-Final Game: Dulles vs Liberty

The Dulles Vikings played the Liberty Panthers in a Semi-Final Championship in Pasadena on the night of December 13, 1963. Those who weren't there will see that the teams played in a rain storm. I know it won't help much, but I've posted a team picture. I've also posted an account of the game from the '64 Viking yearbook.

Football aficionados may notice several things in this film. As with the Sinton game from the previous year, the Dulles defense is terrific. They never give up on a play. The interior of their defense (Husbands, Gandy & Medrano) is much smaller than Liberty's offensive line, but they hold their own. Medrano (I think) makes a spectacular stop on a screen pass. Both teams had trouble holding onto the ball, but that never seemed to take the steam out of the Dulles offense. (It definitely hampered Liberty.)

[Many thanks to Annette Williamson Wise (DHS '64) for letting me use her Viking yearbooks for several of these blog entries.]

I really enjoyed watching the replay of the Liberty game. Not only was to raining, but it was dam cold. Don't know if you realized that we changed jerseys at half time. We wore the JV jerseys for the second half. Most of us did not even wear the same number. Tony Oliveres got credit for any tackles I made in the second half, and it was reported in the Ft. Bend Mirror that way. Boy was I mad!! Coach Shaver & Coach Ellis thought we would be better off with dry jerseys, but the first time you hit the ground, you were wet and cold again. That was me who stopped the screen pass and not Carlos. Keep up the good work.

Travis Gandy, DHS '64

Travis has cleared up a couple of questions I (Chuck Kelly) had. I couldn't be sure who stopped the screen pass. I knew it was a linebacker, but Carlos and Travis looked very similar from a long distance. Second, I did notice the different jerseys. Look at the photo below from the Viking. I saw the white patches over the shoulder pads and wondered what was going on.
(Update) I remember the Liberty game very well for 2 reasons - it was the only game during my four years of being in the marching band where the weather was so bad we were not able to march at halftime...and I will never forget the pep rally that day.  Coach Hightower always spoke but this time his eloquence reached an all time high!  He said one sentence and brought the house down -  "After tonight the town and team of Liberty will be forever known as Iberty because tonight the Dulles Vikings are going to beat the L out of them!!!"  To this day I have never heard a more deafening roar from a crowd and it went on and on...everyone we went crazy. Here we are almost 47 years later I remember that beloved man's words.  Scotty...this memory is for you.

Carol Waldrop
Class of '65

Dulles vs Liberty Football Game Part 1

Dulles vs Liberty Football Game Part 2

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dulles Freshman Beanie, 1964 Model

Thanks to Linda Hagler Mosk (DHS '68) for this. I wonder if they still have Freshman Week, or make the new boys and girls wear beanies? Remember the rash of 'public' marriage proposals during that week?

Here's a picture of a couple of beanies in action during Freshman Week 1964.

Dulles vs Sinton, 1962 Quarter-Finals Game

On December 8, 1962 Dulles played Sinton in a Class AA Quarter-Finals Football Game. The game ended in a 3 - 3 tie, but Sinton advanced in the play-offs on the second tie-breaker: number of 1st downs. The game was pretty scrappy. (Notice how much dust they raise during the game.) Bobby Husbands was a defensive demon. Here's an account of the game from The '63 Viking:

This team picture may help you identify players in the video.

Many thanks to Tommy Laird for converting this video from VHS to DVD. The soundtrack includes a recording of the Dulles Fight Song played
by old-timers at the 50th Anniversary Band Reunion last fall.

I almost forgot to mention this. There is a 'swinging-gate' play in the second half. Steve Shelton goes on a wild gallop. Dulles runs another trick play toward the very end of the game, but the camera starts late, so it's hard to tell what happened. It appears to be a pass to an end split out close to the side line. He throws it back to the QB (Charles Hauerland) who then hands the ball to another back sweeping toward the other side line. Maybe one of the players will recall it.

Game Film Part 1

Game Film Part 2

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chuzzy Jenkins & Ralph McCord, Teammates 1938 Gator Football Team

Here's another photo from the Jenkins family archive. It shows Chuzzy and his first cousin, Ralph McCord, who were teammates on the 1938 Sugar Land High School football team. Chuzzy was a senior and Ralph was a sophomore. The '38 team was the first SLHS team to win a district championship. You can see Lakeview Drive in the background. No houses stand on the south side of the street.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Labor Day Weekend at Bill Williams Restaurant & Motel, September, 1958

I don't want to put too much personal stuff on this site, but I thought I'd post the following video. Some of you may remember Bill Williams Restaurant & Motel just east of Richmond on the south side of Highway-90A. My grandmother, Mamie Adams Rachuig, took her 5 grandchildren there for a Labor Day treat in 1958 just before school started. We had an enjoyable weekend, as you'll see in the video.

Video of Labor Day Weekend at Bill Williams, 1958

"My Back Pages, DHS Class of '68"

Back in 1988 Dulles High's 1968 senior class prepared for their 20-year reunion at the River Bend Country Club. They collected old pictures to liven the ceremonies. You can view a selection of them in the video album below.

Video Album of Dulles High's 1968 graduating class.

1949 Football Schedule for the Sugar Land Gators

Chuzzy Jenkins was the new head coach in 1949. He replaced Carter Lomax who moved on to Deer Park High School. I think B.I. Webb (who played on this team) told me they went 1-9. They had to forfeit a game due to an outbreak of mumps. With just 19 players the team couldn't afford to have too many boys out of action.

SLHS Band, County Fair Parade, October, 1954

This photo appeared in The Texas Coaster on October 7, 1954. It looks to me they are marching on Highway 90A in downtown Rosenberg.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Video Album of Old Sugar Land Churches

Old Sugar Land Churches

Sugar Land Elementary Pee Wee Football Team Wins Bellaire Bowl, 1951

I was talking with Leon Anhaiser (SLHS '57) this past week about SLHS football. He asked me if I knew which teams went undefeated, so I mentioned the '38 team (regular season only), 1953 team (regional champs), and 1956 team (also regional champs). He said I was missing one, so he sent me the following item.

The SL Elementary Pee Wees were undefeated in the fall of 1951 and won the Bellaire Bowl. I'd remembered a reference to the team, but didn't know they were undefeated. See the following picture from the 1953 Gator. Also notice they used The Box just like the big boys.

"If You Don't Need It, DON'T BUY IT!"

I've found WWII ration books in a couple of scrapbooks. This one comes from Dian Hagler's.

Dulles High Memorabilia, Early 1960s

I found these items in Dian Hagler's (DHS '65) scrapbook. This first is a freshman semester schedule from the 1961/62 school year. The next is a sophomore semester schedule from the following school year. The other items come from her senior year, but I'm not sure what the bottom patch is for. (The top patch is for the Future Teachers Association.)

Missouri City Elementary, First Grade Class, 1953/4

Diane Broughton Lundell (DHS '65) sent me this first grade picture, which shows several members of the Dulles High Class of 1965 in the first grade. She said the children in the back are in a reading circle, and her doll 'Peggy' is in the center. I recognize a few stinkers in there, but some I don't.

First Day of School Diploma, September 4, 1956

I don't know when this started or when it ended, but we got a little treat when we started school. (I still have a grade-A appetite.)