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Friday, October 11, 2013

Follow Up On 1938 Gator Football Team

I received a request asking for identification of the players shown in last week's photo.  It showed the starting line up, but had no caption.  I have two newspaper photos of the team with captions.  The first shows the starting line up, but it isn't exactly the same as last week's photo.

The second shows the whole team and gives a short recap of their season.

I want to thank the McCord and Jenkins families for giving me these images.


  1. Love the photos!!!
    Melody Seay- my parents Jimmy & Patsy Seay

    1. Thanks. I've just seen a '48 prom photo which has your father in it. I'll post it in the future.

    2. Oh Thank you Mr.Kelly. I miss him so...

    3. Thank you Mr.Kelly