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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

People of Sugar Land

I've prepared a new slide show of 124 images from the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation's archive.  If you're visiting the Farmer's Market on any Saturday, stop by the Museum to view the slide show and other videos available to the public.  

I've posted a selection of images from the slide show depicting people and  residential areas.  The new show includes other areas of interest, like aerial photos, town buildings, recreation, & amusements.

If you missed the previous slide show depicting historic images of the Imperial Refinery, it's still available for viewing.  Talk to a docent, who'll be happy to play it for you.

Not all these images come from the Heritage Foundation's archive.  I want to thank the Matlage family (particularly Tracey Matlage Calvert) and the Pirtle family (John Pirtle) for lending me pictures from their family scrapbooks.

Charles Pickett receiving his Imperial retirement gift, 1950s.

Claudia Rozelle standing at the corner of Lakeview & Sparks in 1956.

Craig Brooks testing a Christmas bicycle at the Western Auto in December 1957.

Price for the bicycle: $19.98.

Young baseball aficionados at West End Park 1950s.

Young Refinery visitors, 1950s.

Bud & Betty Jenkins, Nov. 1948.

Thanksgiving Celebration at SL Elementary. [Pirtle Family Archive]

Grand Central School, 1939/40 - Mr. Bracewell with 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades. [Matlage Family Archive]

Mayfield Park Hispanic Elementary School, 1940/41. [Matlage Family Archive]

Grand Central School, 1939/40 - Virginia Meyer Matlage with 1st Grade students. [Matlage Family Archive]

W. T. Matlage, Sr. in Drug Store, 1950s. [Matlage Family Archive]

Sugar Land High School Diploma, 1934. [Matlage Family Archive]