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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Salt Grass Trail Ride Stops in Sugar Land in 1954

The Sugar Land Heritage Foundation's photo collection contains these photos of a group of Houston rodeo trail riders in late winter of 1954.  I did a little research, and I understand that in those early years the Salt Grass Trail Ride consisted of subgroups which would collect at a point west of Houston and ride into Memorial Park as a group - i.e., the Salt Grass Trail Riders.

The chuck wagon's sign says they are from the CU Ranch in Sugar Land.  I haven't found any info on the CU Ranch, so if anyone knows anything about it or the riders, I'd appreciate any leads.

This first images is an aerial showing Sugar Land in 1956, just a couple of years later, but it's useful in orienting you where the trail riders were when the photos were taken.

The trail riders near the Sugar Land Motor Company.

The trail riders in the big field behind the shopping center, not far from where today's post office is located on Matlage Way.