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Tips For Navigating This Blog

Reading Older Posts
I thought I'd post some quick tips on how to navigate and search this blog.  When you scroll downward, you'll eventually come to the bottom of the page on display.  Click the link to older posts as shown in this screen shot.  It will take you to the preceding posts.
Retrieve Posts By Date

You can also review the posts by date.  You'll see a chronological list of posting in the left-hand column, as shown in this screen shot.
Click on year or month and you'll get a drop-down list from which to choose items.  You can also use the list of Labels to search by topic.
Search The Blog For Matching Text

Finally, you can use the search box at the top of the left-hand column.  It is a text search of the blog, which means you won't find anything in an image, even if it looks like text.  Enter a word or phrase as shown in this screen shot.
The blog will return a list of matching items.  The only quirky thing is the way Google archives old blog posts.  It groups them in batches before moving them to its archive.  The search box will find matching archived posts, but they may be grouped with non-matching items.  You'll have to wade through them to find the precise post you were looking for.  Regardless, it's quicker than the hunt-and-peck method.  
Here's a screen shot of the results window.  Just click the item you want to view it.