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Monday, October 21, 2013

DHS Class of '60 As 2nd Graders in 1950/51

I want to thank Brenda Ashford for sending this picture.  It shows her sister's class, DHS '60, when they were 2nd graders in the 1950/51 school year.  As you can see, Mrs. Martha Pirtle, was their teacher.  The location is the cafeteria on the Lakeview campus, which still stands although expanded significantly.

I told Brenda this was a very educational photo for me because I learned that the Lakeview campus cafeteria opened in 1950, rather than 1952, as I had always assumed.

SLISD made a significant upgrade in the campus in 1952, constructing new classrooms, a band hall, and expansion of the gym.  I had always thought the cafeteria was included in that effort.

Brenda provided this partial list of the children in this photo.  If you recognize any others, let me know.

My sister, Patsy Walker, is the fifth person from the right end in the middle row.  I know some of the other students, but not all of them.  Perhaps someone else can fill in the names.  I know that Pam Helmcamp, Mary Ann Talafuse, Sharon Middlebrooks, Annette Lancaster, Julia Chernosky and Audrey Gillis are on the back row.  Virginia Elsberry, Joe Pausewang and Kay Hooten are in the middle row.  The Heitman twins, Carlos and Henry, Darryl Couvillion, Freddie Warmke and Vic Elsberry are on the front row.