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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Rich History of Stafford, Texas

My brother first showed me this video a few years ago, then Frank Lampson had a VHS version, which I converted for him.  I enjoyed watching it and contacted the City of Stafford to see if copies were still available, or if they could put me in contact with the production company.  I haven't heard anything, so I can't provide any help if you're interested in a copy.  You might try contacting the City of Stafford directly.

The video was produced in 1997 and is about 45-minutes long.  I clipped a few scenes to make a 6.5-minute sample.  You'll see Sonny Ruffino, Joe Scarpinato, Tony Ruffino, Doris Durdin, and Leonard Scarcella in this excerpt.  There are several others in the full video, which also includes old still photos and home movies.