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Saturday, April 18, 2015

More People of Old Sugar Land

I want to start with a memory of the Palms Theater from a classmate, Cynthia Owen Farrar (DHS '68):

Hey Chuck,
Don't know if you remember or not, but Kay [Cyn's sister and fellow classmate in DHS '68] (sold tickets and took orders from the balcony), Barbara [Cyn's sister in the DHS Class '69] and I ( behind the counter making suicides, selling popcorn, candy and those big dill pickles) and Buzz [Cyn's brother in the Class of '71] ( ushering) all worked at the Palms Theater.  Also working as ushers were Robert Allen [DHS '68] and Monte Allen [DHS '66], Ralph Barnidge [DHS '67], and Roger Solomon [DHS '69].  
I got out of school early because I would make up the bags of popcorn for the football games that were played at home.
Those were the days and I don't think the ol'  Palms Theater was ever the same. 
I have to agree with Cyn, the Palms Theater couldn't possible remain the same after that crew finished with it!

I know I've got graduating class years messed up in the captions for several of these photos, but I figure someone will send me corrections.  (Incidentally, I give persons' graduating class years, so readers can infer ages.  I'm sure I would get far fewer contributions if I noted ages in stark black & white.)

The Buehring siblings before they moved to Sugar Land: Walt (DHS '73) with Cindy (DHS '70) and Bunnye (DHS '71).
The Daniels sisters on First Street: Gayla (DHS '72), Carla (DHS '70), and Deana (DHS '66).
The Jenkins sisters in a bad mood: Nancy (DHS '70) and Janice (DHS '68).
The Jenkins sisters with their mother Dorothy Moses Jenkins.  (Note the improved attitude.)
Fort Bend County Fair Queen candidates, but I don't recognize them or know the year.
SLHS graduation in the auditorium.  If that is Luther Jordy and Ann Keller, then it's 1958.  Mr. W. E. White & Dr. Leslie Wheeler, Jr. are on the left.  Mr. Edward Ernest is partially visible on the right.  (Not sure who the others are.)

The 1958 Sugarland Industries awards banquet in the old Salvage Building.  Shown in the photo are: Rev. R. L. Cooke, W. H. Louviere, Sr., G. A. Stirl, J. B. Fowler, T. L. James, J. M. Schrum, G. U. Stabler, R. P. Hill, Hal Rucker, and Homer Johnson.