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Monday, November 25, 2013

Updates On Recent Posts

My thanks to Jackie James (SLHS '57) for pointing out that the man pictured with Mrs. Moye in the photo below is Mr. Huffman, long-time bus driver and custodian at SLISD.  We're not sure of his first name, but it may be Willie.  I know his son (DHS '67) is named Willie, maybe he's a junior.

I received the following message from Jerry Anderson in Rockwall commenting on the article about Oswald's mother and step-father marrying in Rockwall.  I never knew Rockwall was the elopement capital of Texas!

Chuck, Marina Oswald and Kenneth Porter still live in the Rockwall area. They live out in the country. Rockwall used to be the marriage capital of Texas because the JP didn't require a blood test and a three day waiting period.  They would come to Rockwall at all hours of the night.  We used to hang out on the square and watch them drive up and get out all dressed up. 
Thanks for info.  Rockwall made the playoffs this year with a 3-3 district record.  First time in quite a while.