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Sunday, November 10, 2013

More People Of Old Sugar Land

I want to thank Haroldetta Robertson for letting me scan these pictures from her family's scrapbook.  The first shows the extended Edward and Mildred Earnest family as they gathered at their old home on 6th Street this past July.  Haroldetta now owns the home and graciously invited the Earnests relive the past once again.

The second photo shows Haroldetta's husband, Louis Robertson, with his good friends, Jo Grace, Judy, Billy and Carolyn Earnest around 1960.

Meet Sugar Land Junior High's 1963/64 Cheerleaders.   Here are their initials to help you identify them: P.M., P.C., Y.F., V.G., and J.J.

The following series of photos show Sugar Land Elementary in the 1962/63 school year. 

Mrs. Behrens's art class.

Mrs. Robinson leading the choir as it performs in the Auditorium.

Mrs. Lockett checking out books to little book worms.

The walkway on the south side of the cafeteria.

Mrs. Doris Kruger collecting lunch money from the little chow hounds.

The little chow hounds shoveling it in.

The cafeteria staff who prepared and served good grub - and cleaned up afterward!

I want to mention that one former student sent a message saying he remembers the cafeteria's Friday fish sticks were very tasty.  I agree, but it was hard to beat Hamburger Day (Wednesday) and Beans & Corn Day (Thursday).

Next comes a series of photos from the 1955/56 school year.  They show some of the Sugar Land contingent in the Class of '67 at Dulles High School.  They were 1st graders when these pictures were taken.  Since some of you may want to test your memories, I will put down initials (no married names), so you can have a guess.  If you're stumped, then send me a message.  You'll see there are a few I can't identify, but I can identify most of them.  (Update) I got some help from a couple who appear in these photos.  Their revisions are in RED.  I won't give the helpers' names and spoil the fun.

Top: J.A. & L.B. Bottom: B.B. & R.E.

Top: R.B & J.B. Bottom: C.G. & P.G.

Top: E. C. & B.C. Bottom: J.G. & C.G.

Top: W. H. & L. J. Bottom: E.M. & J.M.

Top: R.K. & ? K. Bottom: J.M. & L.M.

Top: J.K. & T.L. Bottom: D.N. & F.N.

Top: L.N. & P.P.(?) Bottom: J.S. & B.W.

Top: ? P. & F.P. Bottom: W.W. & B.W.

Top: E.S. & H.S. Bottom: L.W. & D.W.