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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hall Smashes Scoring Record As Sugar Land Trounces Orchard

Sixty years ago the Sugar Land Gators defeated the Orchard Badgers 67-19 in Orchard.  The big story was that Kenneth Hall broke Dick Todd's career scoring record with 35 points in the game (5 touchdowns and 5 extra points).  The newspaper below (sorry for the poor quality) says 750 spectators witnessed the historic event.

Hall played 1-1/2 quarters, rushing for 297 yards on 7 carries.  The article mentions total rushing yards and said no one knows the exact total over his 4-year career.  Newspaper articles from 1951 onward often mention yardage, but apparently there was no authoritative number.  I've been asked about statistics from the early games.

I know that W. E. White, Superintendent of SLISD and mentor to the football program, had detailed stats recorded for all games.  I assume officials eventually verified those records and used them to certify Hall's career total of 11,242 yards.

The newspaper reporter, Joel Carroll, writes near the bottom of the article, "Hall tried the same play from the antiquated Notre Dame Box."  True, it was old, and no other team in Texas, maybe the whole United States, used the formation, but many old timers will say it was a key to the Gators' success.
It sounds as if the team, and probably most of Sugar Land, stopped at White's Cafe for a post-game celebration.