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Sunday, November 17, 2013

More People of Old Sugar Land

Last week's 1955-56 1st graders with identifying names.

Members of DHS Class of '66 as kindergarteners in 1954.  (Note: one member of the Class of '67 crashed the party and decided to take his guns to town.)

DHS Class of '67.

Four member of Mrs. Boyer's 1954/55 kindergarten class at Tommy and Lynell Laird's wedding in 2002.

Undated photo of Mr. and Mrs. Darvin Altenhoff.  (Mr. Altenhoff was Principal of SL Elementary in my day.  I'd never seen him in casual clothes until I saw this picture.)

Unidentified visitor to the Imperial refinery in the 1960s.  (He made certain everything looked ship-shape.)

Sugar Land Elementary 2nd grade class in 1956/57.  (No guns this time.)

William Gordon joins Imperial in late 1960s.