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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Images from the Storm Family Collection

I want to thank Peggy Shallock, granddaughter of Bob Storm, for letting scan these photos from their family album. The first set of images concern sugar can harvests and crushing the can to produce juice for boiling.  Peggy's great-grandfather, Robert J. Storm, invented the type of crusher shown in the image below. It was used at the Sartartia Plantation (I believe the Imperial Mill on Oyster Creek across from Constellation Park) and the House Plantation down at Arcola.

There are a few other photos I thought interesting, including a couple of baseball images I've posted before. One shows Bob Storm in a Blues uniform from 1915. Another shows the team in different uniforms in 1914. I infer that the team got it's Blues nickname in 1915. Also, note that I identified E. O. Guenther in the 1914 team photo. 

Click on the image to view the album.

Sugar cane crusher invented by Robt. J. Storm in 1895 & used at Sartartia and House Plantations.