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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Toubin Park, Brenham, Texas

I want to thank Brenda Albers Miles (DHS '66) for telling me about this park and a network of historic cisterns in Brenham, Texas.  I told her about an archeological project the Fort Bend County Historical Commission is doing in Richmond.  We're excavating an 1850s cistern in Lamar Homestead Park.  We're hoping to find artifacts from Lamar's residence.

Anyway, Brenda told me about this network of cisterns in Brenham, which was completely new to me.  I want to take a look one of these days.  Click here to read a short article on Toubin Park and the story of the cisterns.  Click here to read another article on the history of the cisterns.  Note that the 1879 pumper was designed to pump water from these underground tanks when putting out fires.