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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dulles Had A Bye Week 50 Years Ago

As I mentioned last week Dulles took a break at this point in the '63 season.  Their final game versus Sweeny is next week.  It was the Vikings' home coming game as this article indicates.  Note the comments about previous matches with the Sweeny Bulldogs, who were at the top of the district in November 1963.

I had forgotten that Leonard Archer wore a Viking costume to the games until I found this article.  The big, fiber-glass mascot (Erik) was scheduled to make his first appearance at the Sweeny game next week, so Leonard provided authentic color.  Actually, he was ahead of his time, but I wonder if he could get into a stadium nowadays with a sword like that.

A final note: I got the following message from Travis Gandy about the Boling loss.  He's right that Halloween fell on the Thursday night before the Boling game.  At first I wondered why the coaching staff was at Kempner Field on Halloween night, but then it dawned on me the freshman and junior varsity teams played that night in Sugar Land, which explains their presence.
I do remember something about the night before the game. If i'm not mistaken the Thursday before the game was Halloween. The coaches were mad at us for being out on the streets the night before a game. I remember the coaches standing at the top of Kempner Stadium watching us have water balloon fights on 6th street. Boy did we hear about that when we got to school on Friday.

The Rockwall Yellow Jackets were in a completely different situation.  They were steam rolling through their schedule.  Here's an account of their 44-0 shellacking of Whitesboro.  

As I said, we're coming up on November 22nd.  Here's an unexpected tidbit I found relating the Oswald family and Rockwall.  (Everything I've read said Oswald's mother was a 'pill.')