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Sunday, November 17, 2013

William 'Butch' Boyd 1940-1983

A classmate, Robert Brandon (DHS '68), told me recently he worked with Butch Boyd (SLHS '59) at HL&P.  In fact, they were colleagues when Butch died in 1983.  He liked Butch and found his grave at Morton Cemetery in Richmond.  Robert suggested I do a small memorial to Butch, which I've done here.

Senior profile in '59 Gator yearbook.

Photo in Gator yearbook.
Football photo in '59 Gator yearbook.
(Obituary courtesy of Robert Brandon.)
(Photo courtesy of Robert Brandon.)

Butch was undoubtedly one of Sugar Land High School's premier athletes.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the article Chuck. Butch was a soft spoken person when I knew him and worked hard. He was known to be a very aggressive player and this was confirmed by a foreman I had at HL&P (now Centerpoint). He told me that Butch wasn't all the big but he'd plow right through you. He told me that when his coach told him to go out and stop Butch he'd start crying because Butch had already run over him so may times he had cleat marks in his back.