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Saturday, October 24, 2015

News & Updates

I enjoy doing this blog with one exception: relaying bad news.  I'm sorry to report that Lupe Rodriguez (DHS '63) died recently.  Click here to view an obituary. (Thank you, Roger Howard, for passing along the information.)
Lupe Rodriguez as an employee of Imperial Sugar Company in the mid 1960s.

I received news from Pam Helmcamp Clark (DHS '60), saying Mary Jo McFadden George (SLHS '51) also passed away recently.  Click here to view an obituary.
I'm also saddened to report the death of Patrick Gustin, Cindy and Mike's younger son.  He died in an auto accident in Florida.  Click here to view an obituary

I understand that losing a child is one of the hardest setbacks in life although losing a parent, sibling or spouse isn't easy either.  I hope the Gustin, George, and Rodriguez families are overcoming the loss of their loved ones.
A recent photo of Cindy Buehring Gustin and her mother.

On a brighter note, the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation has a fundraiser coming up in a week or so.  Here's the info -- leave your hip flask at home.
What's the pass word?

I nearly forgot a couple of things.  First, I want to thank Tommy Laird and Randy Edwards (both DHS '67) for identifying Billie and Bill Louviere, Jr. in the following photo taken at the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in 1955.  They are sitting on the left side of the front pew in the background.

I also want to thank Donna Christopher Baker (DHS '63) for reminding me that her father's first name was Marshall.  Many locals and former employees of Imperial will remember him as Marshall Christopher.  He's the man on the left in this photo.