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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sugar Land Gators defeat Needville Blue Jays in 1956

Fifty-five years ago this week the Gators of old Sugar Land High walloped the Needville Blue Jays in their 2nd game of the season.  I have a short clipping of the game, which was played in Needville.  Someone at The Post must have been hard of hearing or the phone connection was bad when the Needville stringer called in the score, because the paper says Beeville rather than Needville.  I was really confused when I first saw this article because I never thought Sugar Land ever played Beeville, even in a playoff game.  

I've included pictures of players whose names appear in the article.  Dugan Hightower is head coach of the Gator team.  The Gators are now 2-0 after their win over Katy in their 1st game of the season.