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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Updates on Recent Postings

Jackie James (SLHS '57) suggested the man in the following photo with Mrs. Moye was Mr. Huffman, SLISD bus driver and custodian.  I got a note from H. G. Bossley (SLHS '57) suggesting the man looks like Fred Sciba.  We're still investigating.  If anyone has an answer, please send me a note or post a comment.  Hold the presses!  I just got word from Jackie and H. G. that Tommy Cason (Fred Sciba's stepson) has confirmed that is Mr. Sciba in the picture.  

My thanks to all concerned for help in identifying him.  I always appreciate assistance in getting things correct.

I noticed an earlier post about Cosme Gonzalez, Imperial's oldest retiree in 1970, was incomplete.  I failed to post the second part of his profile which appeared in an issue of The Imperial Crown published in October 1970.  Here is the complete article plus a high-res image.  The missing portion of the article is important because it says Mr. Gonzalez 'mowed' his yard with a hoe!

I got a note from Tommy Laird identifying the unidentified man in the photo of Imperial's Sales Department in 1951.  His name is Hope Miles.

Sales Department in old General Offices in 1951. (Ken Laird, Oscar Armstrong, Hope Miles against back wall, Bob Armstrong seated at desk, Buck Herder behind him, Lily Mae Hickey, and Vlasta Fatheree in white blouse.)