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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sugar Land Gators Blast Needville Blue Jays in 1951

The '51 Sugar Land Gator football season began 60 years ago this past week with a mauling of the Needville Blue Jays at Kempner Field.  Sugar Land had finished strong in the '50 season but wasn't able to win the district title.  Most everyone knew they would have a good team in '51 because some very talented players were returning.  You'll see their names throughout the season. 

The newspaper clipping is very short because this is the beginning of Sugar Land's golden age.  As time passes, the newspaper articles will get fairly 'florid,' especially in the '53 season.  (My thanks to J. B. Kachinski for letting me scan his scrapbook for these newspaper articles.)

I've included a printed line-up (note the weights) & a photo of the regulars whose names will appear over the course of the season.  Chuzzy Jenkins is the head coach of this team.  His assistant coach is Walton E. White, Superintendent of Sugar Land ISD.