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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sugar Land Agriculture

I started to make this a vegetable-only entry in honor of fall gardens, but as I looked through some pictures, I thought I'd expand the topic & include other areas of agriculture.

I'm not precisely sure about the next two photos, but I think they show virtually the same location: the current spot where Imperial headquarters building now sits at the southwest corner of Highway-90A & Brooks Street.  However, the 1st may show a field on the south side of what would become Highway-90A about where the current Windstream building sits.  You can see by the caption that the 2nd photo was taken in 1911.  The 1st was probably taken about the same time.
The first shows a herd of pigs in a watermelon patch, I think.  The second shows a field of cabbages.  I believe Mr. Veranga was in charge of the extensive truck garden on that plot of ground.

Maybe someone can confirm this, but I think this is Mr. Dierks holding a shock of sorghum or some other type of cattle feed.

I'm not certain if this is Mr. Varenga or not, but the fellow is holding a crate of strawberries, I think.

This is one serious Brahma bull.  I'm not sure who the woman is, but she may be a member of the Dierks family.  Maybe someone can set me straight on this.

Here are two photos of two fellows who have hauled produced out of the truck patch.  The pictures show the same scene  with the 1st closer to the subject.  For some reason I think the suave young fellow in the aviator's cap is a Norvik, but I could be wrong about that. (Note the cafe & bakery in the bakery in the background of the 1st picture.  It's the same building that later became the Red Barn Cafe in later years.)