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Friday, September 9, 2011

Gator Football Review

I hope I don't become a bore on Sugar Land High sports, but I thought I'd start a regular recap of the Gator's 1951 & 1956 seasons as they unfolded 60 & 55 years ago.  Both teams were undefeated & untied.  

They both won Regional Championships, which was the furthest Class B schools could go back in those days.  In fact, 1951 was the first year Class B schools could compete for Regionals -- prior to that year they played just one play-off game (Bi-District Championships).

The '51 season didn't start till September 14th, so there's nothing to report this week.  I thought I'd post the following items just to get the ball rolling on the '51 season.  I got this license plate attachment from Kristin Lytle.  Many thanks to her.  I don't know the year these things made their debut, but it's from the early '50s.

I thought I had a photo of a car with one of these attachments on it, but after a closer look, I realized I was wrong.  Still, it's close enough to give you a feel for how Sugar Land residents followed their team back then.


The '56 team began their season with a 41-13 victory over Katy.  Unfortunately, I don't have a newspaper clipping from that game.  I think they played in Katy.

Here's a team photo with annotations from Coach Hightower's personal archive.