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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gator Boys Basketball Game, 1958

Fred Melton, Jr. lent me a box of old Dulles & Sugar Land game films a couple of months ago. All but two of the 25 reels were Dulles football & basketball games from the 1960s. (I'll post a complete list in a couple of weeks.) One of the other reels is film of the '52 Sugar Land vs Hempstead Regional Championship football game. I'm having it digitized now. More on it later.

The other reel shows a Sugar Land High School boys basketball game played in 1958. I can't identify the opposing team, but it was a home game (i.e., played in the gym located on the Lakeview Elementary School campus).

Here's a short clip. The entire film is 18-minutes long. Some of you have already contacted me about a DVD of the entire film. If anyone else is interested, email me or post a comment on this blog, and I'll send you more info.

Link to video