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Monday, March 28, 2011

2nd Circle of Sugar Land School, Late 1940s

I don't know who took this picture, but I like its esthetic qualities. I like the dramatic clouds with the dark contrast of the tree on the left.

You see what we used to call the '2nd circle' of the old school. We weren't accurate in our terminology because the two circles were actually semi-circles. The 1st circle around the auditorium consisted of school cottages for the lower grades. A covered walkway linked the stand-alone buildings. The 2nd circle consisted of identical cottages & walkways for the upper grades. They looped around both sides of the gym.

In this photo you see the east side of the 2nd semi-circle, consisting of two schoolroom cottages & the larger home economics lab on the far right. The gym is in front of the smoke stack.

SLISD upgraded the 2nd circle in 1953. They built new classrooms in the vacant space in the foreground. They extended the gym southward into the semi-circle. They built a new high school complex behind the buildings in the background. (They also added a new cafeteria behind the first circle.) Of course, this is now the Lakeview Elementary campus & looks much, much different.