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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mrs. Moye

Dot Hightower's archive included this photo of Mrs. Moye (I never knew her first name) with Sweet Pea Gandy. I'll bet this was taken at a Quarterback Club event.

I don't know what her title was, but Mrs. Moye ran the Sugar Land cafeteria, which stands today on the campus of Lakeview Elementary. I'm uncertain about when she started & when she retired, but she was a lifer. I'm reasonably certain she continued working several years after the consolidation in 1959. She lived in a white, wood-frame house off Highway 6 - just west of where Hightower High School now stands.

1 comment:

  1. I received this note from Linda Cruse Wilson (DHS '65): "Chuck, okay I am one of those Missouri City School originals. However I knew Mrs. Moye long before the consolidation of Mo City and Sugar Land.........she lived next door to Jerry Naill in Fresno on Palm Road.........and Jerry lived between me and Mrs. Moye. I remember thinking how neat it was when we consolidated that I finally got to see Mrs. Moye at work. And I would kill for her ground beef and pinto bean recipe.......I have tried and it sounds so simple but I just can't get em like she did.........and of course there was hamburger day! Thanks, Linda Cruse Wilson"