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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bob Armstrong

I want to thank Jackie James for sending me this information on Robert M. Armstrong. I won't say a lot about his life because I've included a good obituary in this entry. Those of you who knew him will remember him as an exceptional man. If you didn't know him, you'll get an idea of his character from the obituary & statement of faith.

If you haven't read his history of Sugar Land, I recommend it highly. I think it's out of print, but you may find copies on eBay or at your local branch of the Fort Bend County Library.

I've included two pictures of Bob. The first comes from 1959 and shows a publicity photo for local newspapers. Imperial was celebrating a record number of days without an industrial accident. Bob is on the left. Robert Laperouse (left) & T. C. Rozelle (right) pose with him.

I don't have the date for the second picture, but it must come from Bob's retirement years. He was still involved with Imperial after he retired as company President.

Link to Bob Armstrong Obituary

Link to Bob Armstrong Profession of Faith