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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sugar Land Grocery, 1950s & Early '60s

My thanks to Buddy & Billie Blair for letting me scan the first photo, which shows Buddy's mother during a 'dull moment' at a checkout counter in the grocery store. Three items caught my eye: 1) the wooden frame device to pull items down the check-out counter - no electric conveyer belt; 2) the old hand-operated, charge-account box - ancient predecessor to a credit-card swiper; and, 3) the old cash register.

My thanks to Rick Kirkpatrick for the second photo from The Fort Bend Mirror. It shows the new frozen food case installed at the store in 1960. I think this may have stood on the east wall (adjoining the Western Auto), or it may have stood against the front (north) wall past the plate glass windows. It looks to me as though the new dairy case stood against the wall space west of the meat counter (on the south side of the store).