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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Construction of Sugar Land Gym in 1932

I borrowed these pictures from Mark Schumann. They show construction of the school gym, now part of Lakeview Elementary. They start with the ground-breaking ceremony performed in 1932 (I think). The two men in white suits are W. T. Eldridge (with hat & sun glasses) and M. R. Wood. Mark has labeled Mr. A. H. Weth on the far right. I recognize Gus Ulrich who is standing in front of the women in the picture. He's wearing dark trousers, white shirt & tie, but no coat. I can't recognize any of the women.

The photos show construction of the gym in its first configuration. The basketball court ran east-west parallel with the swimming pool & was half the size it is now. There was a small set of stands in a gallery along the south wall of the building. You'll see it in the last photo, which comes from the '53 yearbook. When the high school was expanded in 1953, the gym was extended southward to create its current configuration. (The basketball court was rotated 90 degrees so it ran north-south, as it does now.)

Link to slide show