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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Items from The Fort Bend Mirror - May 11th, 1967

I want to thank Rick Kirkpatrick for providing these images from The Fort Bend Mirror. You'll see pictures from the opening day of the Fort Bend National Little League season, comprising teams from Sugar Land & Stafford. You get some good views of Fred Baker Field. It stands alone on what would become the City Park on 7th Street. There's just one field, no pool, no stands. (Spectators brought their own folding chairs.)

Another big news item was the Fort Bend ISD Rodeo. You'll see pictures of the parade through Sugar Land plus an article which appeared in The Viking Shield, Dulles High's student newspaper printed as a supplement in the Mirror. The Shield spotlighted 4 seniors that week (Diane Villareal, Martha Suhr, Mike Luna & Johnny Medina) & reported Dulles baseball results. Ray Valdez was on a hot streak.

The Sugar Land Girls Scouts had a camp out, which got coverage with a short article & a couple of pictures.

There was also a very short article saying the City was considering a zoning amendment for a medical clinic & center near the northwest corner of Lakeview & Eldridge Road. I guess it didn't pass - or the plan fell through if it did. And finally, notice the Sugar Land State Bank ad, showing the original configuration of the bank building (now Frost Bank).

Link to album of Mirror images