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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dulles High Band Videos

I thought some of you may have missed these band videos made for last year's 50th anniversary of the Dulles High Marching Band. I think my brother Bruce made all of them, or nearly all of them. They are all short - just a couple of minutes long.

In this first one he narrates a short history of the Band.

Link to video of Viking Band History

This next clip shows a performance during the Edna game at Kempner Stadium in the fall of 1960. (It has no sound track.)

Link to video of 1960 band performance (Jim Gary, director)

This one shows a band contest in 1963 or '62 at Katy. I think it's probably 1963. I was a freshman in the band in 1964, and the music isn't familiar to me. (It's very faint, so you may want to turn up your volume to hear it.) Maybe another old-timer can settle the date question.

Link to video of 1963 or '64 band contest performance (Jim Gary, director)

Here's an undated clip from the very early '70s showing a band lead by Dulles High's second band director, James Larson. Note the change in marching style. (Sound track added.)

Link to video of 1970 or '71 band performance (James Larson, director)

This clip shows a band led by the third director at Dulles, David Lambert, who was Jim Gary's son-in-law.

Link to video of undated band contest performance (David Lambert, director)

The next video shows the band led by Bill Duggan, Dulles High's third director.

Link to video of 1985 band contest performance in Alief's Crump Stadium (Bill Duggan, director)

This final clip shows a more current clip of the band led by Joe Pruitt, the current (4th) director.

Link to video of 2007 band contest performance at Mercer Stadium (Joe Pruitt, director)