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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Robert Brandon's Photos of Prison Rodeo (1962) & Ship Channel Tower

Some of you who have Facebook accounts may have seen these pictures Robert Brandon posted on his page. The first 4 pictures are slides his father took at the Texas Prison Rodeo in Huntsville in 1962.

I never got a chance to see this rodeo although I attended the Houston Fat Stock Show & Rodeo many times. I've shaken hands with Roy Rodgers, Gene Autry, Chuck Connors and who knows who else.

Here are Robert's comment about these photos: "
Awhile back a barge knocked over a highline tower supporting a line across the Houston Ship Channel. I noticed this tower looked familiar and remembered some pictures a lineman I worked with had given me to scan. I thought I'd share them with all of you." Robert also commented that the lineman took these photos with a disposable camera, and Robert was NOT up on the tower with these guys.