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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dulles vs Needville, October, 1960

Jon Pitts (DHS '61) sent me some Dulles football films recently. (Thank you Jon.) I have reels of one half of the '60 Pearland game & one half of the '60 Tomball game. Jon lent me a complete film of the '60 Needville game.
I will get them all digitized.

He happened to have a VCR conversion of the Needville game, which I digitized to DVD. There are problems in spots. I couldn't use the whole film, but since Jon lent me the original film, I can have it digitized by a professional service, who'll do a good job of digitization & clean-up.

Even though I'll get a better version later in the year, I still wanted to post this because I enjoyed watching it. The Fenders & String-A-Longs provide the soundtrack for this 15-minute clip.

Link to Video

Here's a team picture from the yearbook to help you identify players. You'll find players in the film who don't appear in the team picture. A prime example is C. T. Renfrow #71. There are others. Anyway, my thanks to Jon for lending me the film and identifying some of the players.