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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jimmy Fowler

When I posted the photo of the first Laura Eldridge Hospital a few days ago, Jackie James sent me a note about it's opening in 1922 rather than 1923. She remembered Jimmy Fowler was the first child born in a Sugar Land hospital, and his birthday was in 1922. (My dad was born at home on Imperial Boulevard in 1925.)

Anyway, Jackie had these pictures of Jimmy. The James & the Fowler families lived on Guenther Street for many years. Jimmy was always nice to the little girl who lived next door. I don't think I ever met, much less knew, Jimmy Fowler.

I'm really glad to get the first picture because it shows him wearing a SLHS letterman's sweater. My dad had one - I hope we still have it. I've seen pictures of Bennie Varnau & Chuzzy Jenkins wearing jackets from the '38 season rather than sweaters. I don't know the date for the second picture, but I presume it's after WWII.