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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Prikryl Hotel

I posted a picture a couple of years ago and mistakenly labeled it, 'The Prikryl Hotel.' Some old-timers said they had never heard that term before. My family always referred to the rooming house behind the clinic on Ulrich Street as the Prikryl Hotel. Mr. & Mrs. Prikryl ran it for years before their daughter & son-in-law, the Stavinohas, took it over. Here's a picture of the Prikryl family circa 1936/37. The Stavinohas are standing in the back row on the left. Then comes Mr. & Mrs. Prikryl in the center. I don't know the name of their oldest son (on the right). I recognize Peewee Prikryl on the right in the front row, but I don't know the names of the two younger sons. Maybe Daniel or some old-timers can help me here.

(Update) Bruce sent me some further info on the Prikryl Hotel. (I've been spelling the family name wrong.) The original name was the Attwood Hotel. It was included in the purchase of the Cunningham Sugar Company by Kempner & Eldridge in 1908. It was torn down in 1967. He's determined who operated it over the years:

  • in 1923 it was rented to Vicic & Haverland
  • in 1927 to Joe Lapcick
  • in 1930 to Rudolph Prikryl
  • and finally in 1954 to Mrs. S. J. Stavinoha
(Update) I got a note from Kristin Lytle who interviewed Mrs. Stavinoha before she died. Kristin said she talked about running the Hotel, especially doing laundry for the road crews paving Highway-90A. Now that I see the rental history, she was referring to the second paving in 1947, when the the highway was converted from a 2-lane to 4-lane road.

Here's a photo of the hotel. Ulrich Street runs across the foreground. The clinic is out of view on the right.