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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dulles High Pictures from 1968

Robert Brandon took these pictures in 1968, the year we graduated from Dulles High School. I assume he took them just before the term ended in May. The first picture below shows the old front entrance to the high school. The second shows another shot of the front entry from an angle that shows the second wing. The last photo shows the old Dulles Junior High just north of the high school.

I think the first two photos below show freshmen. I'm sure I can get some help with identifications. (I recognize some, but not all of them.) Barry Eygendaal, FBISD's first exchange student, is in the last picture. He still lives in Holland and is an avid baseball fan.

(Update) Robert identified the people in the photos & posted their names in the comment below. Click on the 'Comments' link below this entry to view it. Many thanks, Robert.

I think Robert said this bus was the one he rode. Mr. Louis Hans was its driver.

1 comment:

  1. First picture (the one with the most people in it), left to right: Lee Elkins, Cecilia Court with Gary Smith in front of her and Rusty Ewart behind her, Diane Newton, Sylvia Squires, Sarah Butts with Chuck McDaniel behind her and Patty Odom.
    Second picture, left to right: Gary Smith, Lee Elkins, Cecilia Court, Diane Newton, Sarah Butts with Chuck McDaniel standing behind her and Patty Odom.
    All were freshmen except Gary Smith, Rusty Ewart, Chuck McDaniel and Sylvia Squires.