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Monday, February 14, 2011

Memoir of Sugar Land Gator Football by Ron Miller (SLHS '51)

(Update) Ron will be at the SLHS Reunion on June 24th with copies of his book. They are available for $20 if you want one.

Ron Miller (SLHS '51) has written a memoir of playing & watching Sugar Land Gator football in the early 1950s. Its title is "Halling The Ball." I've read an advanced copy and thought it was terrific. If you are interested in Sugar Land High sports & life in that era, you should get a copy.

Ron will have copies printed for those who want one. His intention is to write a memoir for old players & long-time Sugar Landers who remember that era. Price per copy is $20.

The book is a proper-bound paperback book with 101 pictures, including 13 in color. You'll see the Table of Contents and an excerpt below. I've recently found a copy of the film for the '52 Regional Championship mentioned in the excerpt. It all happened as described!

Chapter 1 - Setting The Stage
Chapter 2 - In The Beginning
Chapter 3 - Pre-Hall Times
Chapter 4 - School Year 1950 - 1951
Chapter 5 - School Year 1951 - 1952
Chapter 6 - School Year 1952 - 1953
Chapter 7 - School Year 1953 - 1954
Chapter 8 - The Ken Hall Era
Chapter 9 - H. L. "Chuzzy" Jenkins (Coach)
Chapter 10 - Walton E. White
Chapter 11 - Life After High School
Chapter 12 - Afterward

Click on the image below to see the excerpt. Click on the image again to magnify it further. (Old eyes need help.)


  1. I love this book My dad was # 51 Vernon Goerlitz and me getting to read about his high school football team is exciting ,I wish he was still alive to enjoy the printing of this book he would have been so excited to recall those memories. Thank you for sharing with all of us

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