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Monday, February 14, 2011

Houston Arts & Media Videos

J. R. Gonzales writes a terrific blog in the online Houston Chronicle. Click here to view it. He recently posted links to some short videos of Houston history posted by Houston Arts & Media.
Click here to go to the videos on YouTube - you'll see a list of videos on the right side of the screen.

I really liked two of them. The first was a short clip of home movies covering Kiddie Wonderland on South Main near Kirby. It was a favorite for Chuck & Bruce Kelly. We LOVED riding the ponies. The video even shows the cart pulled by the donkey. Great stuff - click here to view it.

(Update) I got the following note from Lynn Hanley (DHS '68). I thought it was a hoot. "
Chuck, The video about Kiddie Wonderland brought back memories. My grandparents took me there quite often. My grandfather actually bought me my first horse from there. A black and white shetland pony. I think as the story goes we brought it home in the back seat of their car. Thanks Lynn."

There's a video with a connection to Sugar Land. It's about Marcario Garcia. Click here to view it.