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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I gave a copy of A. J. Sowell's History of Fort Bend County to an old high school chum, and he's started reading it.  He asked about a reference to William Stafford, which said he lived at Stafford's Lake and Stafford's Point.  He wondered where Stafford's Lake was.  Could it be today's Alkire Lake?

Here's an informative article Chris Godbold wrote for the Fort Bend Life Style magazine.  (If you receive that monthly magazine, Chris's articles at the back are always worth reading.)  This article gives you good background on William Stafford and the location of his two homes.  It also includes a photo of Santa Anna's Well.

I don't think Stafford's Lake is today's Alkire Lake.  Alkire Lake is located on what was Elijah Alcorn's league.  I found the following map on a State of Texas Web site.  It gives a good suggestion where Stafford's Lake may have been.  Unfortunately, I couldn't link to the page, so I took this screen shot.
You see the oddly shaped lake in the River Bend Country Club property?  It looks sort of like a tuning fork?  I think that may be the remnants of the lake.  The red box shows the location of Stafford's Cemetery.  I'll bet the Stafford Plantation was somewhere between the lake on the golf course and the horse-shoe bend in Oyster Creek. Just a guess.