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Monday, October 6, 2014

More Images of Old Sugar Land

Click this link to view photos of the first service at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Mayfield Park in 1955.  These undated photos were taken a few years later, judging by the trees.  Although it has changed considerably, this church still stands at the corner of Avenue E and Ash St.

This next series of photos shows the truck weighing station at the west gate of the Imperial refinery.   This plot of land is now covered by the Distribution Warehouse, which is the western-most building standing on the Imperial site.  I will try to find the name of the gate man.  (If anyone recognizes him or other men in these pictures, I'd appreciate ids.  I can read the calendar, which indicates the indoor photo was taken in September 1962.)

This last photo shows gate man, Tillman Lewis.  Click this link to view a short bio on Tillman LewisI'm not certain, but I think he is watching monitors on the back gate on the north side of the refinery complex.  His office may be located in the liquid-sugar fleet loading station.

The liquid-sugar loading station is just below and to the right of the tankers.