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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Odds & Ends

Notice the home games were split between Sugar Land & Missouri City during Dulles High's first season.

Scotty & Dot Hightower gave me the next two images.  At first we weren't sure they showed Kempner Field, but now I'm fairly certain they do.  I think they show it before the 1958 reconfiguration with the cement stands on the west side of the field and the lighted scoreboard behind the south end zone.

I think that's Butch Boyd throwing the shot next to the old visitors' stands on the west side of the field.  Note the old scoreboard in the distance on the left.

The second shows Coach Hightower with some of the track team on the south side of the field.  Note the concession stand and ticket booth in the background.  If I remember correctly, that was the main entrance into the field.

I've included this final photo showing the corner of Milam & Prairie in Houston in 1945.  (It was posted on Facebook.)