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Monday, October 6, 2014

More People of Old Sugar Land

I have to start off with sad news, unfortunately.  I received news from Charles Farrugia, that his great-uncle, Gilbert Kadlecek (SLHS '48), passed away recently.  Click this link to view the obituary Charles sent me.

I also received word that Olga Mutina, long-time resident on The Hill, died last month.  Click this link to view an obituary.  I know her sons, Louis (DHS '67) and David (DHS '70).  I don't know her younger children, Johnny, Ricky, Susan, and Donald, but I presume they are Dulles alums.

My heart-felt condolences go to the Kadleceks and Mutinas at this sad time in their lives.

My thanks go to Jean McCord Babineaux (SLHS '47) for the next two photos.

Ralph McCord, Sammy Norvic, & Earl Tise, Jr. in front of the Sugar Land Drug Store in 1942.

Louise Stephenson Hall, Jean McCord Babineaux, & Walterene Stephenson Farrell on April 9, 1944.

I'm pretty sure Randy Kozlovsky (DHS '67) gave me these photos, so I'll thank him for providing them.  I think they were taken in the '50s.  Maybe he'll give me the details.

I think that's Randy's mother on the left.  One of the other women is his aunt, but I'm not sure which.

Randy's father is holding his trophy catfish.  I'm not sure who the little girl is. 

I want to thank Linda Cruse Wilson (DHS '65) for this photo.  It shows Diane Broughton Lundell (DHS '65), Becky Cutia, and Linda.

Finally, I saw this article in The Houston Chronicle.  Kind of a stretch, but since it involves Alex and the Freeman Post, it qualifies as old Sugar Land.