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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


A few weeks back I posted an old newspaper article about a pre-trial hearing held at Sartartia in January 1896.  Click here to view the posting.  While doing further research, I learned that W. O. Ellis was the older son of Colonel Ellis, and he would die in a shooting with a tenant farmer the following August.  W. O. sounds hospitable in the January article, but accounts of the August shooting paint a much different picture of his character.  I'll post that story next time.

I posted the following photo (taken in 1935) quite a while ago and wondered who were the men appearing in it.  I recently found ids in a 1958 issue of The Imperial Crown, so now we know who they are.  Here's a reasonably good version of the image.

Rather than retype the text, I'll post The Crown photo with its caption.