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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

News From 1957, 1958 & 1995

I thought this summary from the December 1957 issue of The Imperial Crown was worth posting because it dates several significant events that happened that year: the second Laura Eldridge Hospital opened, as did the Red Barn Cafe and Dairy Queen.  Also note that Visco (now Nalco) was expanding.

This next clipping comes from the March 1958 issue of The Imperial Crown.  Families on Lakeview began buying company homes.

Following the same theme, here's a clipping from The Fort Bend Sun published on December 28, 1995, which reflects on life in The Hill section of Sugar Land.  I have a few quibbles about the article, but something I noticed right away was the statement that the homes on 6th St. were the first built on The Hill.  I take this to mean they were the first built in the grand redevelopment Gus Ulrich led around 1920.  I want to talk with Buddy Blair (SLHS '47) about this.  He may be able to clarify some of these issues about residential development.

The bottom photo shows Mildred Rozelle (SLHS '31) standing in a lot on 6th St.  I got this photo from Jean McCord Babineaux (SLHS '47), so my thanks go to her.  The annotation doesn't include a date.  Regardless, I'm guessing it was taken around 1922 or '23, showing the 'new' houses soon after they were built.  Large trees appear next to the street, but they were probably there before development.  You can see new plants (probably Crepe Myrtles) staked along the sidewalk.