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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More Ancient Relics

I want to thank Julius Baumann for sending me these photos.  They are a blast from the past.  First, there's the roll of caps for a cap gun.  Then there's the jukebox extension that was placed in diner booths.  I'm pretty certain White's and then Haas's Cafe had them.  Who can forget the Smith Brother's cough drops, or the Crayola box.  

When I was in Mrs. Boyer's kindergarten, each student bought a box of Crayolas at the start of the year.  When school ended, Mrs. Boyer collected all the remaining used crayons in our boxes (it was strictly voluntary) and put them in a chest she kept in the class room.  I thought it was gigantic, but it was probable the size of a shoe box.  Anyway, she collected what seemed to me to be a treasure trove of old crayons of various shades.

Naturally, we scrounged the box all through the year.  Didn't have a puce or chartreuse crayon?  No problem; dig through the treasure chest because some one had probably donated one in previous years.

I spent many hours during my college years going through the Fondren Library's wooden card catalog, which looked exactly like the one shown in this album.

Click on the image below to view the album.