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Sunday, June 22, 2014

More People of Old Sugar Land

John Frierson (DHS '68) and I (DHS '68) met some friends for a happy hour last week.  During our conversation, Diane Park Bailey (DHS '67) asked how far back John and I go - how long have we known each other.  I said we've known each other since we were 5-years old in Mrs. Boyer's Kindergarten.

I've got pictures to prove it.  All of her students kept scrapbooks through the year.  I have mine.  My brother Bruce has his.  Here are a few scans from mine.

Some kids I can't identify.  I remember one name that I can't place with a face.   I think enrollment changed fairly often.  One thing that really surprises me is there seems to be at least one little girl in our class as late as December.  I always thought two girls showed up the first day and left before the week was out.  Thirteen little boys was too much -- we scared them off and ran riot for the rest of the year.  I guess that's not true.

Remember Mr. Etherage?  I posted his photo with the Class of '47 at SLHS when they were 6th graders.  I also posted a newspaper article about his experience in WWII.  Well, my aunt, Mayme Rachuig Hause (SLHS '48) sent me this photo of him.
She also sent me this photo of her class with Miss Manning, a long-time teacher and administrator at SLISD.  I recognize Tuggie Laperouse Krehmeier and Marjorie Wappler Buchanan, but no one else.
This last photo she sent shows girls from the Class of '48 as freshmen in 1944.  If you can't tell, it's Tacky Day.  The man in the photo is the band director, Mr. Nelson.  I think that's Tuggie Laperouse Krehmeier and my aunt on the left, but I can't tell who the girls are on the right.